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Armenian women are so charming! They are mysterious, full of contradictions, but this makes them even more attractive. If you are looking for a passionate lover, a kind-hearted wife, and a devoted life partner in one person, learn more about beautiful Armenian girls. They easily combine all these roles. And from this guide, you will find out what they are like, where to meet them, and how to win the heart of an Armenian lady.

What Are Armenian Women Like?

Are you still hesitating whether it is worth starting to look for a girlfriend of this nationality? Here are some qualities that will probably make you stop doubting.

They Are Extraordinary Beautiful

Armenian women look very exotic. Their entrancing dark eyes, attractive tan skin, expressive black thick brows, gorgeous long brunette hair, and refined physique immediately enchant men.

Moreover, ladies of this nationality are not big fans of decorative cosmetics. Due to this, they look natural. And men can see pretty Armenian girls at their best. They can evaluate their real beauty, not improved by expressive make-ups, at first glance.

Exotic beauty and natural look make hot Armenian girls very attractive to foreign men. 

They Are Sociable And Talkative

Armenian women are famous for their friendliness and ability to establish contact with other people quickly. They know how to approach others: how to make new friends and keep in touch with them.

Thanks to their talkativeness and sociability, they attract men from all over the world. Representatives of the opposite sex are not afraid to approach and get acquainted with ladies of this nationality, as they always look ready for meeting new people.

They Are Simple And Sincere

Armenian women cannot stand show-off and pretense. They prefer to be simple, as it helps them to be on good terms with others. Even girls from wealthy families do not behave arrogantly.

Besides, Armenian women do not like to beat around the bush. They prefer direct communication and are not afraid to tell honestly what they are not happy with in the relationship. It helps to make the relationship truly joyful for both parties, stronger, closer, and more lasting.

They Are Passionate

Looking at sexy Armenian girls, you can immediately understand that they are hot. And this conclusion will not be wrong. Ladies of this nationality have a passionate oriental temperament. They need regular sex and do not mind experimentation.

However, Armenian girls from respectable families rarely agree to have sex before marriage. In this country, the tradition of keeping virginity until the wedding is still widespread. But the long wait will make the intimacy even more pleasant.

They Know Their Own Value

Armenian women behave simply and not arrogantly. But this does not mean at all that they are simpletons. Ladies of this nationality know their own values. And they are not so easy to win.

The love of an Armenian girl can be achieved only thanks to long and beautiful courtship, sincere feelings, and a respectful attitude.

But such a long and complicated process is really worth it, since it is hardly possible to find a better wife than an Armenian woman. More details about what kind of spouses they can make, you will find below.

Do Armenian Women Make Good Wives?

Everyone who is lucky to have a wife of this nationality can give a positive answer to this question. And here are the reasons for men to be so satisfied with their Armenian wives.

They Are True Friends

Spouses of this nationality establish truly close and trusting relationships with their husbands. They know both how to share joy and support in difficult times.

They always try to understand their men, spend as much time with them as possible in a way that is interesting to both.

They also do not abandon their husbands during a period of temporary difficulties. They can give valuable advice in a difficult life situation and motivate their life partners to fight for happiness.

They Are Diligent Housekeepers

Armenian women are masters of cooking. Food is a very important part of life for them. They make sure that the daily diet is tasty, nutritious, and varied. And for the holidays, they serve a full table of delicious dishes.

They Are Loving Mothers

Most Armenian women dream of big friendly families. They often do not mind having a few children. They also do everything to bring them up in the right way: give them all their love, take care of a high level of education, and instill the correct life values.

They Are Active And Creative

Armenian wives actively participate in social life, make and maintain useful social connections, constantly come up with new ways to spend time together with the whole family in an active and interesting way, and always have ideas on how to make family life better.

They Are Passionate

Armenian women are excellent lovers. Due to their hot oriental temperament, they like to have sex regularly and do not mind experimenting, so that sex life in marriage does not become boring.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

To have more chances of winning the heart of an Armenian lady, a man should be:

  • Sincere. Girls of this nationality do not like two-faced people. If a man does not behave sincerely, he will never achieve reciprocal feelings from an Armenian lady. So, a guy who wants to win the heart of a girl of this nationality should do his best to behave naturally and talk about his real feelings and intentions directly. Armenian women perfectly recognize lies and insincerity, so it will not work to cheat with them.
  • Generous. Decent Armenian girls believe that worthy grooms should court them for a long time in a beautiful way. And for beautiful dates and cute gifts, of course, a man has to spend some money. Therefore, greedy men have no chances of conquering Armenian girls.
  • Active. Ladies of this nationality understand that for close and long-term relationships people need to have something in common. Therefore, they prefer men who like an active lifestyle. If a man is a homebody, he is unlikely to create a happy couple with an Armenian lady.
  • Loving. Women of this nationality believe that relationships can be started only if there are true feelings. Therefore, if a man does not have real feelings for an Armenian girl, he should not even try to win her heart.

Where to Meet Armenian Women in Armenia?

If you want to go to Armenia with the aim of dating Armenian girls, you should choose a big city that has the widest choice of women. But there are not many of them in this country. The only city with a large population is the capital, Yerevan. More than 1 million people live there.

Other towns have a population of about 100 thousand people and less. But despite not being very big, there are some very pretty and interesting towns that are worth visiting. The town that is the most popular with tourists who have already visited the capital is Gyumri. It is famous for its picturesque nature.


You can meet sexy Armenian girls in local nightclubs. The most popular of them are:

  • California;
  • Sindy;
  • Omega;
  • Diva;
  • Prince;
  • Neon;
  • Sky.

But not all good girls from decent families who are the most appropriate for serious relationships visit nightclubs. So, you can try to meet intelligent and well-mannered women at local museums and parks.

The most interesting cultural places of this city are:

  • Modern Art Museum of Yerevan;
  • The History Museum of Armenia;
  • The National Gallery of Armenia.

The prettiest parks are:

  • English Park;
  • Loversโ€™ Park;
  • Yerevan 2800th Anniversary Park;
  • Tumanyan Garden;
  • Botanical Garden.


There are some nightclubs where you are likely to meet hot Armenian girls:

  • Diamond;
  • Marrakesh;
  • Montecristo;
  • Lucky.

As this is a rather small town, parks are not very numerous here. There are only a few of them:

  • Central Park;
  • Victory Park.

Where to Meet Armenian Women Online?

It is not compulsory to go to Armenia to meet Armenian girls. There are specialized websites that are created to unite the hearts of Armenian women and Western men. So, you do not even have to leave your home to meet Armenian girls.

All you need to do is to get registered on a specialized online platform. And you will get access to a huge catalog of Armenian singles for every taste. All of them are looking for foreign husbands and will be very glad to meet you.

How to Date an Armenian Girl: 7 Tips

Here are some tips that are recommended to follow while dating an Armenian girl:

  1. Be yourself. Ladies of this nationality cannot stand pretending. So, be who you are.
  2. Be sincere. The lie is what immediately destroys a relationship with a decent Armenian girl.
  3. Never ignore her. Women of this nationality take it as an insult if someone does not write to them or does not call for a while. So, keep in touch with her constantly and try to reply to her as soon as possible if she writes to you first.
  4. Treat her respectfully. Respect for women is a part of the local mentality. So, do not neglect it. Act in a well-mannered way and show respect for her.
  5. Try to get along with her family and circle. They are very important to Armenian girls and can influence her final decision regarding relationships between her and you. 
  6. Give presents to her. Armenian women believe generosity to be a sign of true love. So, do not be greedy for gifts. Ladies of this nationality like flowers, elite coffee, and gold jewelry very much. So, it should not take you very much time to think about what to present to your lady. Present one of these things to her, and she will definitely be satisfied.
  7. Prepare a luxury wedding. When you understand that you are ready to start a family, start preparations for a big wedding. Celebrations mean a lot to Armenian women. And as the wedding is usually held once in the life of a girl of this nationality, it has to be lavish and unforgettable.


Do Armenian Women Speak English?

The official language in this country is Armenian. Also, many people fluently speak Russian. As for English, it is widely taught as a foreign language. In addition to being taught at schools and universities, it is popular at private educational centers.

So, there are a lot of opportunities to study English in Armenia. And well-educated women from decent families usually speak English. But some girls who do not like to study do not have a high level of this language.

So, if you do not want to make an effort to overcome a language barrier, better ask if a girl speaks English at the beginning of your communication.

Why Are Armenian Women Looking for Foreign Husbands?

According to statistics, there are fewer men than women in Armenia. There are 639101 males at the age of 25-54 years, while there are 661421 females at this age. It would seem that the difference is not very big, but it significantly complicates the search for a suitable groom among locals. Therefore, many singles consider foreign men as well.

Moreover, there are girls who believe calm and balanced Western men to be better than hot-tempered local guys.

Does Age Gap Matter for Armenian Girls?

For the majority of Armenian women, this is not a problem. According to local traditions, girls should not delay getting married. The most suitable age for marriage is 21-25 years old. However, few guys are ready to get married at this age.

Many young men at this age are still in the process of getting a degree, are looking for work, or are in the early stages of their careers. And for a successful marriage, a man needs to have a settled life, have his own home, and a stable financial situation to be able to provide for his wife and future children.

So, most Armenian women do not mind meeting older men as they are more successful, stable, and ready for serious relationships and starting a family. Therefore, the age gap is not a problem for ladies of this nationality.

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