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Are you looking for a devoted and faithful woman for marriage? Turn your attention to faithful and conscientious Afghan ladies. What are they like? Where to meet them? And how to develop a romantic relationship with one of them? Find out from this guide!

The 3 Best Characteristics of Afghan Women

afghan girls
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Afghan Girls Are Charming

These womenโ€™s appearance seems quite exotic to foreigners. And this makes these ladies very attractive. The main physical features that men appreciate in these girls are:

  • Smooth tan skin. It makes Afghan girls look as if they have just come out of a solarium.
  • Enchanting large eyes. The majority of girls from this country have hypnotizing dark eyes. But some women have astonishing blue eyes that are considered very exotic in this country
  • Expressive eyebrows. They are dark and thick. And they ideally emphasize the beauty of the entrancing eyes of good-looking Afghan women.
  • Full lips. They beckon men and, thus, make Afghan girls sexy and appealing.
  • Stunning hair. It is customary for women in Afghanistan to have long well-groomed hair. It is considered to be a sign of beauty and femininity. And plenty of men from all over the world agree with this.

In addition to being extremely beautiful, Afghanistan ladies are quite enigmatic. They wear special traditional clothes that cover their whole bodies and hair. Strangers can see no more than their faces and hands. This makes these girls a bit mysterious, which adds even more charm to their image.

Afghan Women Are Polite

Afghan culture severely frowns upon being rude. Local people scorn those who show bad manners. Therefore, girls from this country always act in a reserved and courteous way. They respect others and try hard not to do the things that may insult or bother them.

Afghan Ladies Are Compliant

In this country, traditional family values and gender roles have a great impact on the local peopleโ€™s mentality. 

According to such a type of outlook, women are expected to be tender and soft-spoken. 

And Afghan girls are just like that. They are not inclined to conflict, donโ€™t try to dominate others, and are always ready to compromise. They make perfect girlfriends for strong and decisive men who want to have gentle ladies by their side.

Why Afghanistani Wives Are Better Than Western Ones?

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Afghan Wives Are Extremely Loyal

While many US and Western European women often flirt with other men, and some of them even cheat on their husbands, the spouses from Afghanistan never do that. They are monogamous. And once a lady from this country has chosen her life partner and married him, she keeps being loyal to him throughout her life.

This is because adultery is severely restricted by local traditions. It is considered to be a great shame for a woman and her parents who havenโ€™t raised their daughter right. Very few girls can dare to risk their and their familiesโ€™ reputation for the sake of a fleeting affair.

Also, divorces are strongly frowned upon by local culture. Therefore, Afghan wives do their best to maintain good relations with their husbands for their whole life and save their marriage against all odds.

Afghan Wives Are Respectful

Many women from the USA and Western Europe tend to be bossy. They try to dominate their husbands and tell them what to do. Moreover, a lot of them often show disrespect for their husbands and donโ€™t appreciate the things their spouses do for them.

But Afghan wives are nothing like them. They consider their husbands to be the heads of their families. They donโ€™t initiate conflicts with them but, on the contrary, adhere to all their opinions and decisions. 

Also, they are always grateful to their husbands for everything they do for them because they understand that it is quite difficult to be the head of the family who is fully responsible for the well-being of all its members.

Afghan Women Are Responsible Housewives

US and Western European ladies devote much time and effort to their careers. That is why they donโ€™t have enough time and energy to do all household chores qualitatively.

But Afghan women are not career climbers. They are content with the role of a housewife, and few of them strive for more. The majority of Afghan women donโ€™t work after getting married. Therefore, they can devote maximum time and effort to doing household chores. They are great at cooking and keeping their homes cozy.

What Features Do Afghan Women Appreciate in Men?

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Girls from this country like the following things in men the most:

  • Good education. It is very prestigious to have a good education in this country. Locals respect those who have a post-secondary degree very much.
  • Stability. Afghan ladies strive for a good, stable, and comfortable life. According to the local culture, a man is considered to be the head of the family. And Afghan people believe that the husband must be able to ensure the well-being of his wife and children. For this, he must be stable both financially and psychologically.
  • Responsibility. This is a very useful feature for the future family head. A man who is going to marry an Afghan lady should be ready to take responsibility for his wife and children and make all major decisions and solve all his problems on his own.

As for other parameters, Afghan women are not quite picky about them. For example, the age gap is not a problem for them. And some Afghan women even appreciate it because they believe mature men to be more suitable for the role of a family head.

As for appearance, ladies of this nationality donโ€™t judge men by their looks. They pay more attention to their character and the actions they do for them. Thus, a man doesnโ€™t have to be the king of beauty to win the heart of an Afghan woman.

Is It Possible to Meet Afghan Women Offline?

Although traveling to Afghanistan has become relatively safe recently, it is still a quite risky adventure. First of all, tourists from the West may face a language and cultural barrier, which can make them feel very uncomfortable. Also, trying to find a girlfriend in this country may be disappointing because local women are too shy and reserved while meeting strange men, especially foreigners, in person. That is why it is much safer and more efficient to meet Afghan women online than offline.

Where to Meet Afghan Girls Online?

The Web is a more convenient environment to find a future wife from this country. Girls from this country can communicate with men more freely online than in real life. Thus, dating Afghan women on the Internet can become a really enjoyable experience and can lead you to a happy married life.

But not to get disappointed in online dating, you need to know the right places for it. The best place to meet Afghan girls is a specialized online marriage agency. They are very popular among the ladies of this nationality because this is the only way for them to get acquainted with foreign husbands.

5 Tips on Dating Afghan Women

Here are some recommendations on how to win the heart of a woman from this country:

  1. Make your profile attractive. For ladies to understand whom they are communicating with, tell more about yourself in your account. The text in the โ€œAbout myselfโ€ field matters even more than photos because Afghan girls pay more attention to the inner world than to appearance. Write what kind of person you are, whom you are looking for, and how you imagine your perfect family life. This will help a woman understand whether you are her type. As for the photos, they should reflect your interests, character, and social status.
  2. Tell her honestly what you are looking for. The majority of Afghan women are looking for serious relationships. So, there is no reason to beat around the bush and be shy to tell the truth that you are looking for serious relationships at once.
  3. Be polite. This means that it is better to show good manners, act reservedly, do not use excessive gestures while talking, avoid swear words, and never to be aggressive towards others.
  4. Show that you can make her happy. The best way to do this is to give presents to a lady and discuss the future family life with her.
  5. Meet her parents as soon as possible. It is a significant step because you cannot marry a woman from this country without her parentsโ€™ approval. So, make a good impression on them by being respectful towards them and proving that you are ready to assume the role of a family head and take responsibility for their daughter.


Do Afghan Women Like Large Families?

The fertility rate in this country is. Moreover, Afghan women usually maintain good relations with the members of extended family.

How Do Afghan Wives Share Duties with Their Husbands?

These ladies worship traditional family values. According to them, a wife is responsible for all household chores and the duties related to child-rearing. Meanwhile, a husband must earn money to provide for his family, make major decisions, and solve problems if there are any.

Do I Have to Get the Afghan Girlโ€™s Parentsโ€™ Consent to Marry Her?

No, you cannot. These women worship their parents very much and never marry men whom their family doesnโ€™t like.

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