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Jamaica has become a symbol of love for life, and its women have become a vivid example of the possibility of existence in harmony with the surrounding world and people.

jamaican girls

What Are Jamaican Women Like?

Many people associate Jamaicans with Rastas. Of course, not all Jamaican girls are rasta women, but they are united by cheerful character and love for people. Find out more about Jamaican babes.

They have a seductive body

Residents of sunny Jamaica are mostly dark-skinned, swarthy women, with pretty faces and stunning bodies. Jamaican beauties boast amazing hips and breasts that will bring any man into ecstasy. As married women, Jamaican ladies flourish even more and do not get tired of pleasing their husbands.

They are cheerful and positive

The smile never leaves the face of the Jamaican woman. They shine with happiness and tirelessly charge those around them with their good mood. As soon as you talk to a Jamaican cutie, you can immediately count on hospitality and friendliness.

They are calm and peaceful

Jamaican women are alien to quarrels, scandals, and dirty gossip. They are above unnecessary showdowns and even more so insults. In general, Jamaican girls are peaceful and focused on kindness and love for others. 

They are open and hospitable

Girls in Jamaica love parties, guests, and any company. It is quite natural for them to invite a person to home if it is clear from the first minute that they have found a common language. Let it not surprise you that half an hour after meeting you, she introduces you to her parents โ€“ there is no hint in this, they are just such open people without borders.

They are free from prejudice

It is very easy to communicate with Jamaican girls because they perceive people as they are โ€“ without judging or blaming them. In interaction with Jamaican beauty, you will have no cultural barriers. She doesnโ€™t care where you have come from and what you know or donโ€™t know about her country. First of all, she will perceive you as a person โ€“ the same as she is.

Do Jamaican Women Make Good Wives?

It may seem that Jamaican women only know how to enjoy the sun and the ocean, but this is not so. They know what work is and know how to work for the benefit of the family and society. From childhood, girls learn to cook, take care of the house and younger children. All of this is successfully performed by a Jamaican woman already in a married status.

Jamaican women are skilled housewives, loving mothers, and reliable friends. Family values โ€‹โ€‹for them are a real shrine, which they put at the center of all their interests. We can say that the man who has chosen a resident of Jamaica as his wife was extremely lucky. Jamaican wife combines a love for order and the desire to create a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation for all family members.

jamaican woman

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Jamaican women pay attention primarily to how a man behaves in different situations. A person manifests himself in small things โ€“ the Jamaican girl thinks, therefore she looks at how you communicate, whether you are friendly to others, whether you are grateful to them, and so on.

It is important that her beloved is a person who can be relied upon, so that he is able to take care not only of himself, but also of his wife and children. Jamaican women appreciate in men kindness, fortitude, the ability to negotiate and to solve problems calmly.

Where to meet Jamaican Women in country?

Consider the Jamaican locations, especially loved by local young beauties for the purpose of pastime.

On the beaches

Everyone in Jamaica goes to the beach. Some swim, others surf, and others sit in coastal cafes under an umbrella and enjoy life. Jamaica is a true paradise for beach lovers. 

Wide sandy expanses immersed in fragrant tropical gardens and washed by emerald waves inspire wonderful states in which people are attracted to each other as if by magic. Head to the beach and enjoy the Jamaican unforgettable climate, and happiness will come to you almost immediately and for sure.

The most famous beaches in Jamaica: Montego Bay, Winnifred, Frenchmanโ€™s Cove, Hellshire

At the reggae party

Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae. Therefore, having arrived in this country, you definitely need to go to a reggae party. If only because there you can meet a maximum of young and attractive local residents dancing seductively to the relaxing music of Bob Marley and his followers.

The atmosphere that reigns at a reggae party is devoid of ambiguities and barriers. Everything is simple, clear, and people feel like the closest friends. Naturally, in such an environment, fateful acquaintances often occur.

In the amusement park

Girls in Jamaica are very fond of adventure and thrills, so they often like to visit the amusement park. Here you have a chance not only to taste adrenaline but also to find a girlfriend. The reason for acquaintance can be, for example, an offer to conquer some crazy attraction together. The most popular such park in Jamaica is Mystical Mountain, where you can taste the thrills that are sure to last for a long time.

jamaican girl

Where to Meet Jamaican Women Online?

Jamaican women are incredibly attractive, and there is no greater joy than being with them. However, not everyone has the opportunity to immediately go to this fabulous island. For such people, there is an online dating service. You just choose the girl you like on the Internet and begin chatting with her. 

This way of starting a relationship has many advantages that you can appreciate in a practical way. The main thing is that you do not even need to get up from your workplace to show attention to the girl you like.

How to Date a Jamaican Girl: 5 Tips

How to win the heart of a sexy and wise Jamaican woman? Grab a few clever advices.

Be as positive as possible

Jamaican girls love the same, as they are โ€“ kind, cheerful and positive people. They sincerely do not understand why some guys are sad, angry and spoil their mood when you can enjoy life. Take an example from your cheerful girlfriend, be peacefully disposed, and you will definitely get along for many years.

Do not try to embellish yourself and reality

Sometimes men really want to impress their girlfriend and talk a lot about their achievements, positive qualities or wealth. This is unlikely to please a Jamaican girl. They do not pursue wealth at all, because they have other values. In addition, they cannot stand it when others start to praise themselves or to share their achievements.

Say more often that you are fine with her

For a Jamaican girl, it is very important how people feel here and now. She will be very glad to know that next to her you feel comfortable and at ease. Therefore, often say that you enjoy every minute spent with her.

Add some excitement to your dates

Itโ€™s about simply diversifying your joint pastime. Jamaican women love adventure and adrenaline, so they will be happy to experience them together. Sign up for surfing, organize a night rally or go ride the most dangerous attraction in the same amusement park. She will be delighted with you and your crazy ideas.

Have some romance on the beach at night

Jamaican girls are also incorrigible romantics! Provide your beloved with such joy. Their romance manifests itself in sitting on the sand at night, embracing, listening to the waves, and drinking wine (if you like). Such a date will give an unforgettable experience for both of you.


Is it true that many people in Jamaica smoke weed?

This myth was born because Bob Marley was born in Jamaica, which is why the island is considered the birthplace of reggae music. In fact, cannabis is banned on the island, and the number of those who use it is no different from other countries in Europe and America. Most girls in Jamaica still live without marijuana.

How is Valentineโ€™s Day celebrated in Jamaica?

Donโ€™t forget to take a moment and celebrate Valentineโ€™s Day on February 14th with your Jamaican significant other. After all, it is customary on the island to play naked weddings on this day. Yes, the bride and groom get engaged, in what the mother gave birth, and as a rule there are plenty of such people. You can add traditional rituals to the festivities โ€“ flowers and gifts.

What is the strangest tradition in Jamaica?

One of the most common rituals associated with the birth of a person is the burial of his umbilical cord. In the place where the umbilical cord was buried, a tree is planted, called the โ€œumbilical cord treeโ€ or โ€œbaby treeโ€. The islanders believe that this ritual forever binds a person to his place of birth. The custom is intended to serve as a reminder to a person of his homeland, roots and his own people.

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