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Turkish women are very popular with Western men who know all the advantages of oriental ladies. If you still do not know much about Turkish girls, read this guide. From it, you will find out what Turkish ladies are like, what kind of wives they can make, and how to date them properly.

What Are Turkish Women Like?

Outstanding Beauty

Beautiful Turkish girls charm men with their exotic oriental looks. Long dark hair, mesmerizing hazel eyes, graceful body โ€” all this makes ladies of this nationality extremely attractive to Western men who admire extraordinary beauty.

Moreover, Turkish women are very well-groomed. The majority of them are regular visitors of beauty salons. They frequently have different procedures for skin and hair done, which ensures keeping them in perfect condition.

Also, ladies of this nationality are very neat. They always look tidily and stylishly. Additionally, women of Turkey are fond of perfumes. Therefore, they always smell nice. So, men want to come closer to Turkish girls to enjoy their wonderful aroma.

Self-Respect And a Sense of Dignity

Others will never respect a lady who does not respect herself. But this is definitely not about pretty Turkish women. They have everything along with self-esteem, as they are brought up in love and care. Accordingly, growing up, Turkish women love and respect themselves throughout their lives.

Being Family-Oriented

Turkish women are interested only in serious relationships. According to the local culture, family is the most important thing in a womanโ€™s life. So, ladies of this nationality do their best to find decent life partners and stay faithful to them forever.


Though Turkey is an oriental country, local people from big cities do not live in accordance with old-fashioned traditions. Turkish women combine traditional family values with a modern view of life.


Some men could say that being emotional is not really an advantage. But it really is. Turkish women do not keep emotions bottled up inside. And this helps to make relationships more lasting. As there is no hidden resentment, partners keep loving each other for years.

Although Turkish women are rather short-tempered and inclined to quarrels, they are very fast to forgive. So, their love does not disappear after sorting things out. Vice versa, as they express their real emotions at once, they do not hold grudges and anger that destroy relationships. 

Being Friendly And Easy-Going 

Turkish girls are very easy to get acquainted with. They are very talkative and easy to find a common ground with. So, women of Turkey are very attractive to men as they should not be afraid of a rude refusal. Women from this country are very friendly and polite, so it is a pleasure to meet Turkish girls.

Do Turkish Women Make Good Wives?

If you are interested in serious relationships, you probably want to know whether it is worth dating a Turkish girl and what kind of wife you can expect her to be. So, here are the main qualities of married women from this country.


Turkish wives like organizing parties and receiving guests. Therefore, you may be sure that a spouse will definitely not be against your communication with friends. On the contrary, she will do her best to make them feel comfortable when they come to your place.

Being Keen on Order And Neatness

This is a very typical feature of women of this nationality. They always try hard to keep everything in the house in perfect order. If cleanliness at home is what you need for comfort, a wife from Turkey will definitely ensure it for you.

Strong Traditional Family Values

Turkish wives believe that a man is the head of a family. So, they respect the decisions of their husbands.

Also, they do everything possible to save the marriage even if it is not perfect. Loyalty to one husband is the main feature of women of this nationality.

Well-Developed Maternal Instinct

Turkish women devote all their lives to kidsโ€™ upbringing. They surround their children with love and care and never let them be unhappy. So, if you want to find a perfect mother for future common children, a Turkish wife is the best option.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Turkish women have a very well-developed sense of dignity, so they are rather picky when it comes to choosing a life partner. They want to find the most decent man to live together with him for all their life. But they usually do not choose men by their appearance and age. These things usually matter very little to Turkish women. They pay much more attention to other characteristics. For example, for a lady of this nationality to choose a man, he should be:

  • Financially stable. This is the main characteristic needed for a family. A typical lady from Turkey believes a man to be the head of a family. So, he should be able to provide for a wife and future children.
  • Responsible. A man should be ready to take responsibility for the whole family.
  • Family-oriented. If a lady from Turkey sees that a man is not going to start a family in the nearest future, she will not waste her time dating him.

Where to Meet Turkish Women in Turkey?

Turkey is a beautiful and welcoming country with a rich history and interesting culture. If you are ready to go abroad in search of an appropriate life partner, you will not regret visiting this country. While traveling to Turkey, you can combine dating beautiful girls with taking a glimpse at wonderful local sightseeings.

The best cities for meeting women in Turkey are:

  • Ankara, the capital of this country.
  • Istanbul, the most populated city with a rich history.
  • Antalya, a resort city on the Mediterranean Sea.

As for the choice of places, you can meet some sexy Turkish girls at local nightclubs. But such places are not very popular with well-bred women from decent families. Therefore, nightclubs are not the best option for those who want to find a match for marriage.

So, it is better to try to get acquainted with friendly women from local malls or parks. And, of course, do not forget to visit local sightseeings. Though they are more popular with tourists than with locals, and you will hardly meet local girls there, you will definitely get a new experience and broaden your horizons.

Here are some details on what places are worth visiting in each city.


As this is the capital of Turkey, you will find the best girls in this city.

The most popular nightclubs are:

  • Final;
  • Manilya;
  • Foliberjer;
  • Izabel;
  • Havana;
  • Mixx.

The biggest malls are:

  • ANKAmall;
  • Armada;
  • Next Level.

The most popular sightseeings are:

  • Ankara Castle;
  • The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations;
  • The Kocatepe Mosque.


This city used to be the capital of Turkey in the past. So, it reflects the history and culture of this country in the best way.

So, first, visit some sightseeings to learn more about the local culture:

  • The Topkapฤฑ Palace;
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque;
  • The Grand Bazaar;
  • Miniatรผrk, a park with 135 miniatures of famous Turkish sightseeings.

And then, you can get down to meeting pretty Turkish girls in the cool nightclubs and large malls.

The most popular nightclubs are:

  • Kalimera;
  • Masquerade;
  • Escape;
  • Riddim Club Taksim;
  • Hovarda Midnight Club;

The biggest malls are:

  • Mall of Istanbul;
  • Forum Istanbul;
  • The Istanbul Cevahir Shopping and Entertainment Centre.

Also, you can try your luck in meeting girls in the Emirgan Park, a large spacious park with beautiful flowers and trees.


This city is very popular with tourists, so you should be ready to look for local girls in the crowd of foreign ladies. But you will definitely enjoy gorgeous local nature and the wonderful sea. And, of course, there is a wide choice of girls in the local nightclubs:

  • Gaga;
  • Dark Angel;
  • Ceila Club Pause Bar;
  • Olivia Disco & Bar;
  • Soho Bar Club Sensation.

Where to Meet Turkish Women Online?

If you join a dating app popular in the USA or a Western European country you live in, you are not likely to find a lot of sexy Turkish girls there as these apps are not really popular in Turkey.

Specialized online platforms for finding foreign husbands are much more well-known and commonly used in Turkey than usual dating sites. There are hundreds of beautiful Turkish singles who want to meet foreign men on specialized websites.

Your match is waiting for you there! So, do not waste time and join one of the specialized services for uniting the hearts of Turkish women and Western men.

How to Date a Turkish Girl: 7 Tips

Here are some recommendations that will increase your chances of making a happy couple with a lady from Turkey:

  1. Be respectful. Turkish women have a very developed sense of dignity. And if she sees that you do not respect her, she will immediately stop communicating with you.
  2. Adore her. According to local culture, a man should not be shy to show his feelings. Give her a lot of compliments, say beautiful words, give presents, and take care of her. All this will help you to prove to her that you love her.
  3. Show your serious intentions. Turkish girls never waste their time communicating with men who do not have any serious intentions. So, you should do your best to show that you love her and that you are ready to start a family with her.
  4. Learn the basics of Turkish. She will definitely be pleased with this. This way, you will show that you are interested in the culture of her home country.
  5. Court her beautifully. Turkish girls are fond of a beautiful and romantic courtship. Visiting beautiful places together, romantic dinners for only you and her, and lovely presents. These are the surest ways to the heart of a Turkish lady.
  6. Get along with her family. Family means a lot to Turkish girls. So, you should respect her family and be on good terms with them.
  7. Propose romantically. Turkish women are fond of romantic men. So, she will not be able to stop herself from saying โ€œYes!โ€ if you propose romantically.


Why Are Turkish Women Looking for Foreign Husbands?

According to the statistics, there are more men than women in Turkey. In 2019, there were 41721136 men, while the number of women was 41433861. So, why do Turkish women join the websites for finding foreign husbands while there is such a wide choice of local men?

The main reason for this is that not all ladies like the peculiarities of local menโ€™s character. Turkish men are very short-tempered and emotional. So, women who like calmer, more restrained, and psychologically stable men look for foreign husbands.

Can a Language Barrier Prevent Me From Dating Turkish Women?

Some women of this nationality speak English. Mostly, these are very well-educated girls. This language is taught at schools, universities, and private educational centers. So, women who like to study speak English.

But those who are not interested in foreign languages, speak only Turkish. But this will not be a big obstacle to developing relationships. Firstly, you can use the services of professional translators and entrepreneurs. And, secondly, when you communicate in person, you will understand a lot without words. Turkish ladies are very emotional and masterfully use intonations and body language to show their feelings.

Is It Allowed to Turkish Women to Marry Foreigners?

Yes, it is. Though the dominating religion in this country is Islam, local people do not live in accordance with strict religious rules. So, local culture and law do not prohibit Turkish women from marrying foreigners.

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