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Icelandic women are so magnetic that thousands of foreign men would like to have them around as girlfriends or even wives. But they seem so unapproachable and cold at first sight that few men dare to get acquainted with them.

But with the help of our guide, you will understand that dating an Icelandic girl is easier than you thought. Find out more about these enigmatic ladies and check out some tips on how to win the favor of one of them.

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7 Most Common Features of Icelandic Women

Few men know much about these mysterious girls. But to understand whether it is a good idea to date Icelandic women, you need to learn more about them. Here is what these ladies are like.

Extraordinarily Beautiful

Icelandic women are exotic and angelic beautiful. They look as if they were made of ice and snow. The majority of these girls have fair, almost pale skin, naturally blonde hair, and blue eyes. Also, most of them are tall and have big breasts. They donโ€™t need plastic surgery because they can attract men with their natural beautiful bodies.

Not Very Emotional

These northern girls are not used to expressing their feelings very actively. And it is rather difficult to understand what they feel by their facial expressions or body language.

Foreigners often take this lack of emotions as coldness or arrogance. But this is a mistake. Icelandic women are not haughty but just even-tempered. You should rather take it as an advantage than as odd. Icelandic girls make scenes very rarely. So, their life partners can enjoy peaceful relationships.

Calm And Relaxed

Icelandic women are very peaceful and tranquil. They donโ€™t lose their composure in any situation. Therefore, it is possible to solve any problem without quarreling with them.

Another peculiarity that often amazes foreigners is that Icelandic girls do everything at a deliberate pace. They dislike the hustle and bustle and prefer a more relaxed schedule to a busy one.

Self-Confident And Loving Themselves

Icelandic women know their own values and appreciate themselves for who they are. They never change themselves to cater to others. These ladies respect both their own and othersโ€™ personal boundaries. They are never too intrusive, so men never get sick and tired of relationships with them.

Intelligent And Well-Educated

Iceland has a very high level of quality of education. Women from this country are very broad-minded. They are fond of reading and traveling. It helps them to broaden their horizons uninterruptedly. It is very interesting and fascinating to communicate with Icelandic women because they have a lot of thoughts and experiences to share.

Independent And Self-Sufficient

Icelandic women have a high level of education, which allows them to make good careers. Besides, they have a lot of hobbies and interests. Such independence attracts the same smart, strong, and self-sufficient men to Icelandic girls.

Reserved And Not Very Talkative

Icelandic girls are cheerful and relaxed with their friends. But in large companies or with unfamiliar people they are not rather talkative. This can seem quite strange to foreigners, especially Americans, who can chat for hours uninterruptedly even with unfamiliar people. But you should not take silence as dislike or coldness. Icelandic girls usually say bluntly if they donโ€™t like anything. If a woman just behaves calmly and silently, then she is most likely to be satisfied with everything. It means that she just doesnโ€™t like idle chatter.

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Do Icelandic Women Make Good Wives?

Dating an exotic foreign lady is an exciting experience. But is it a good idea to marry a girl from abroad? Here are 3 reasons why it is worth marrying an Icelandic lady.

Icelandic Wives Donโ€™t Mind Being Led by Their Husbands

Although Icelandic girls are independent and self-sufficient, they donโ€™t mind having a passive role in relationships. When they get married, they consider their husbands to be the heads of the families. Icelandic wives entrust all important decisions to their spouses and do not claim leadership in relationships.

Icelandic Wives Prefer Peaceful And Quiet Lifestyle

Calmness is in the blood of these northern women. Icelandic ladies see nothing wrong with a quiet lifestyle. They will not be bored without a lot of friends and noisy parties. But women of this nationality are unhappy without traveling and visiting new places together with their spouses.

Icelandic Women Are Very Sensible in Kidsโ€™ Upbringing

Girls from this country love their children very much. They try to spend as much time with them as possible. They also believe that both parents should be involved in raising children. Therefore, they insist that their husbands spend more time together with their kids.

Icelandic mothers are very progressive and try hard to share the interests and hobbies of their children. This reduces the number of conflicts and misunderstandings between parents and kids in this country.

One more peculiarity of Icelandic kidsโ€™ upbringing is giving freedom to children. Parents never impose a lot of restrictions. They even allow their children to be naughty sometimes but within the bounds of reason, of course.

What Kind of Men Do Icelandic Girls Like?

It is not that easy to attract a lady of this nationality. Women of Iceland are self-sufficient and donโ€™t strive to start a relationship just with anyone because โ€œitโ€™s time to get marriedโ€. They choose their life partners carefully and are eager to find true soulmates. Thus, the following things matter to them the most:

  • Common lifestyle preferences. Icelandic women understand that the spouses can be happy and live together for a while only if they are compatible. So, they trust their sense more than feelings while choosing life partners. They pay attention to the menโ€™s lifestyles and preferences to find the most matching candidate.
  • Love for children. Wives from this country believe that both parents should take part in their kidsโ€™ upbringing. Thus, a man should love children and be ready to be involved in their raising.
  • Social and financial status. Icelandic women believe that a husband and a wife should have approximately the same level of education and income. They donโ€™t marry men who are less educated or earn less. Therefore, men who want to date smart and successful Icelandic women must be on a par with the ladies they like.

Where to Meet Icelandic Women in Iceland?

Iceland is a small country with a unique scenic nature. Interesting sights are scattered throughout the country, but the majority of beautiful girls are concentrated in its capital, Reykjavรญk, and in some smaller towns close to it. The majority of the population of the country (more than 60%) lives in this area.

The most interesting for tourists places in Iceland are:

  1. Blue Lagoon, a famous large lake with hot water located 40 km (25 miles) from the capital of the country.
  2. Gullfoss (Golden Falls), the biggest waterfall of Iceland placed in the South of the country.
  3. Thingvellir, a valley cut by volcanic rifts, a National park that has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Located in the southwest of Iceland.
  4. Hallgrรญmskirkja, a Lutheran church, an amazing monument of architecture, and the second-tallest building in Iceland. It is located in Reykjavรญk.
  5. Harpan, an elaborate concert hall and conference center in the capital of the country.
  6. National Museum of Iceland, the place where you will find a lot of interesting things related to the lifestyle of local people of different epochs.
  7. Reykjavรญk Art Museum, the place where you can admire the pictures of famous artists.

The places listed above are really worth seeing. But you are unlikely to meet a lot of girls ready for new acquaintances there. More of them can be found in the places where local young people have a rest. Unfortunately, nightclubs are not very popular in this small quiet country. But there are some bars with tasty drinks and good music in Reykjavรญk:

  • Dillon Whiskey Bar (address: Laugavegur 30): a cozy bar with the choice of more than 100 sorts of whiskey.
  • Lebowski Bar (Laugavegur 20a), a modern bar with exclusive cocktails;
  • Pablo Discobar (Veltusund 1): a lively place with DJs, good drinks, and delicious appetizers;
  • Miami Bar (Hverfisgata 33), a comfortable place with a broad assortment of drinks.
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Where to Meet Icelandic Women Online?

The Web is the best place to meet Icelandic girls. Ladies from this country feel even more comfortable while getting acquainted with men online than offline. A lot of them are looking for foreign husbands on international dating sites.

They are very convenient. Men have a wide choice of various women and can find perfect matches using search filters. They can keep in touch with the ladies they like using text and video chats until they get ready to take a relationship offline. Once they are, they can order the organization of a real meeting.

How to Date an Icelandic Girl: 7 Tips

Keep in mind the following recommendations while developing a relationship with an Icelandic woman:

  1. Find a lady who likes you. In Iceland, it is not customary for men to intrude on girls who donโ€™t like them. Therefore, while choosing a woman to write to pay attention to her tastes specified in her profile. Act only if you meet them.
  2. Take initiative. Icelandic women donโ€™t like to take the first steps in relationships. So, donโ€™t wait for the girls to write to you first.
  3. Donโ€™t be confused by her being not very talkative. Icelandic girls talk only if they have something important to say.
  4. Do not ask too personal questions too soon. Ladies from this country have very strong personal boundaries. They donโ€™t like it when strangers pry into their private life. Donโ€™t ask for the details about her previous relationships, parents, or friends until you are close to each other enough for such personal topics.
  5. Do not be focused on the negative things. Icelandic women may seem to be cold, but they are seldom in low spirits. They are not used to whining about their problems. And they donโ€™t like to listen to others talking about their problems. So, talk only about the positive aspects of your life.
  6. Share cultural experiences, interests, and hobbies. Ladies from Iceland are very open-minded and like to learn something new. They will tell you about their traditions, customs, and lifestyle with pleasure. And they will be glad to listen to you talking about the culture of your country as well. And if you find some common interests and hobbies, a restrained Icelandic woman can turn into a chatty girl who talks for hours without interruptions.
  7. Discuss your future life together in advance. It is very important to understand whether you can get along with each other. Share how you imagine your lifestyle after getting married. And it will be easier to decide if it is worth marrying each other.


Is There a Language Barrier with Icelandic Women?

The Icelandic language is very complicated. A lot of foreigners cannot say even a few phrases in it because there are too many consonants. But donโ€™t be afraid of a language barrier.

People are very well-educated in Iceland. Though their native language is Icelandic, they are fluent in English as well. It is taught at schools, and locals watch a lot of educational TV shows in this language.

What Are the Most Popular Hobbies in Iceland?

Locals are fond of reading and traveling. If a man has explored a lot of countries and is well versed in literature, Icelandic girls will be fond of him.

What Are the Reasons for Icelandic Women to Look for Foreign Husbands?

Although there are more men than women in this country, a lot of them prefer to marry foreign ladies. Therefore, there are not enough local bachelors for all single women in Iceland.

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