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Do you like traditional family values but cannot find a woman who sees eye to eye with you regarding this issue? Then it is recommended for you to prefer ladies from Central Asia to Western European or US girls. Check out the guide to Tajik women. Find out why they are perfect for family life, what family values and patterns they usually adhere to, and how to date them.

The 5 Best Features of Tajik Women

tajikistan girls
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Tajik Girls Are Pretty

Ladies of this nationality are one of the most charming representatives of Asian beauty. Their appearance may seem quite extraordinary for Western men. But this makes these girls even more enchanting. They attract men with the help of their:

  • enchanting dark eyes;
  • expressive eyebrows that make their eyes even more impressive;
  • shiny long dark hair;
  • sensual full lips;
  • adorable round face shape;
  • sexy bodies with irresistible curves;
  • dainty elegant hands.

Moreover, their style of clothing also makes these girls attractive to men. Tajik ladies prefer dresses to jeans, which makes them more feminine and lovely.

Tajik Women Are Modest

If you are tired of arrogant and brazen Western girls, Tajik ladies will pleasantly surprise you. They are quiet, soft-spoken, and reserved. These women are sometimes even too shy, especially while communicating with new people. But this makes them even cuter and more attractive.

Tajik Ladies Are Well-Mannered

Women in Tajikistan have great respect for others, especially for men and elders. They always show good manners not to disturb or confuse others. It is a pleasure to communicate with such a well-mannered girl and go out with her.

Tajik Women Are Good-Natured

These ladies are very compassionate. They are always ready to comfort others when they are in low spirits. They are also compliant and hardly ever provoke conflicts. Moreover, Tajik girls are honest. They prefer speaking frankly to telling lies.

Tajik Girls Are Family-Oriented

While Western ladies tend to delay starting a family until their thirties, Tajik girls become ready for marriage as soon as they reach legal age. The majority of them donโ€™t strive to pursue careers. So, they are ready to assume the role of a housewife and give birth to children even when they are 18-25 years old.

3 Essential Advantages of Tajik Wives

tajik girls
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These girls value family more than anything else in their lives. Therefore, they devote as much attention, time and effort to housekeeping, child-rearing and maintaining good relations with all family members as possible. They can make perfect wives thanks to the following three things that are typical for them.

Tajik Women Are Great Housewives

These ladies are perfect at doing household chores. They have enough time for doing them because they donโ€™t work after getting married. Also, they do everything extremely conscientiously because they believe the family to be the most important thing in their lives.

Tajik women are perfect at cooking. They use their mothersโ€™ and grandmothersโ€™ recipes that have been passed down through generations for centuries to cook the masterpieces for their families and guests. Also, they are not afraid of experimenting with the trends of modern cooking art to allow their families to try something new.

Tajik girls are excellent at cleaning and laundry. They like comfort and order, so they always try hard to keep their homes cozy and clean. Moreover, they take care of the comfort and well-being of their husbands and kids. Therefore, these women always keep their family membersโ€™ clothes perfectly washed and ironed.

Tajik Wives Are Respectful

Traditional family values are common in Tajikistan. Thanks to this, local women have great respect for their husbands and parents-in-law. They never do anything that could offend them. These women donโ€™t provoke conflicts and are never rude towards their family members.

Tajik Wives Are Sociable

These women donโ€™t like loneliness. Also, they donโ€™t fixate on communicating only with their husbands and children. They always maintain good relations with their extended family members and friends of their families. For this, they frequently organize dinners, celebrations, picnics, and other events that are good reasons to gather many people together, communicate with each other and have a good time.

Tajik Women Tastes: What Kind of Men Impress Tajik Girls?

Do you like reserved, compliant, and family-oriented women? Then, perhaps, you would like to meet Tajik girls. But before doing this, find out what kind of men they like to understand whether you can make a good impression on a lady of this nationality and win her heart.

Luckily, to become a favorite of a charming Tajik lady, a man doesnโ€™t have to be a king of beauty. These women donโ€™t attach great importance to the physical features of men when they are choosing their future life partners.

They also donโ€™t pay much attention to age. Tajik women donโ€™t mind their suitors being older. The age gap is not a problem. On the contrary, sometimes, it even helps to develop a relationship with a Tajik girl. Many Tajik women consider mature men to be more responsible and more ready and suitable for family life.

But what is significant for ladies from this country is that a man should be ready to assume the role of the family head and have all the needed features and resources to cope with it successfully. A man should be responsible and decisive. Also, he should have a stable income to be able to provide for his family.

Where to Meet Tajik Women Offline?

Dating these exotic ladies offline is a good idea for avid travelers who have enough spare time and money to go to Tajikistan and stay there until they find a perfect match for marriage. The best city to choose if your aim is dating Tajik women is Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan where 700 thousand inhabitants live. There are plenty of places to visit and thousands of pretty single girls to meet.

You can find lovely women in the following places:

  • Parks: Victory Park, Rudaki Park, Boghi Poytakht Park.
  • Nightclubs: Royal Club, Loft, Manhattan.
  • Malls: Dushanbe Mall, Munisa Mall.

Where to Meet Tajik Girls Online?

tajikistan girl
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For those who donโ€™t have an opportunity or desire to travel thousands of kilometers and stay several weeks or even months abroad to find a decent woman for marriage, there is another way out. It is possible to meet Tajik women online, which is more time-saving, easier, cheaper, and safer.

There are some good international marriage agencies on the Web. They are created to unite the hearts of Asian girls and Western men. They are extremely popular with Tajik women because many of them are looking for foreign husbands and consider the Internet to be the best place for this.

International dating sites have also many other advantages:

  • Safety. They reliably protect their usersโ€™ personal data. Also, they verify every new member to avoid fakes.
  • Convenience. These sites have a user-friendly interface and all the needed features for a quick search of a match and keeping in touch with her constantly.
  • Care. International marriage agencies take care of every user by providing high-quality customer support whenever it is needed and offering professional help in developing long-distance relationships (gift delivery, organizing personal meetings, etc.).

5 Practical Tips on Dating Tajik Girls

Here are some recommendations on how to make a good impression on a lady from this country and keep her interested in you:

  1. Show serious intentions. Tajik women consider dating to be the way to family life. They donโ€™t accept any other format of a relationship except for dating seriously. Therefore, donโ€™t be afraid to tell her honestly that you are looking for a future wife.
  2. Never let your beloved lady feel lonely. These women are very sociable. They canโ€™t stand loneliness. Thus, never forget to write to a lady and call her for her not to think that you have forgotten about her.
  3. Discuss the future family life. Talk about what you think of sharing duties, child-rearing, managing family budget, etc. It is crucial because it will let you understand whether you are a good match for each other.
  4. Show that you can cope with the role of a family head. Every Tajik lady considers a man to be the future head of her family. So, to make a good impression on her, prove that you are reliable and responsible. Help your lady every time she needs this and make her happier with presents.
  5. Get along with her parents. You cannot marry a Tajik girl without her parentsโ€™ consent. So, meet your future in-laws as soon as you understand that you love a lady. Treat them respectfully and politely, and share your plans about family life with their daughter.


What Are the Most Delicious Dishes of Tajik Cuisine?

Tajik cuisine has many nourishing and tasty dishes. And Tajik women are good at cooking them, which makes their husbands happy. The best of them are:

  • Pilaf โ€” rice with meat and vegetables.
  • Qurutob โ€” a flatbread with vegetables and cheese.
  • Sambusa (samosa) โ€” triangle pastry with different fillings.

Do Tajik Women Like to Have Many Children?

Yes, they do. They usually have 3-4 children. This is proved by the 3.5 fertility rate in this country.

How Long Does it Take from Meeting a Tajik Lady to Marrying Her?

It typically takes from a few months to a year.

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