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Are you sick and tired of overconfident and too emancipated Western women? But too bright and eccentric Slavic girls also do not delight you? The ladies who are not like these two types exist! These are Taiwanese ladies.

Learn more about wonderful Taiwanese girls from this guide. From it, you will find out what characteristics are the best about these ladies, what they are like in family life, where to meet, and how to date them.ย 

taiwanese girls

The 4 Most Attractive Features of Taiwanese Women

These ladies have many advantages that make them unique and desirable. Here are the main ones.

They Are Exotic

Taiwanese girls look rather extraordinary. They have:

  • attractive tan skin;
  • cute round faces with lovely cheeks and the eyes of a specific Asian shape;
  • miniature fragile bodies.

The look of these unique ladies attracts Western men who admire exotic beauty and like delicate adorable women.

They Are Natural

Women in Taiwan donโ€™t tend to show off. They donโ€™t like to dress up without any special occasion and donโ€™t overuse cosmetics. Thanks to this, they look even prettier and charm men with their natural beauty.

They Are Reserved And Polite

It is typical of Taiwanese ladies to be modest and soft-spoken. They are decent and well-mannered. They never behave loudly or brazenly as well as never treat others arrogantly. Also, they avoid doing the things that can bother, offend, or confuse others.

They Are Friendly

Women from this country treat others in the same way they would like to be treated by others in turn. They are never rude or arrogant towards strangers. Despite their modesty, they are very friendly and make contact quite easily if they see that a new person is amiable.

taiwanese girl

What Kind of Wives Do Taiwanese Women Make?

Do you like Taiwanese girls and even would like to start dating a Taiwanese woman seriously? Then you need to know the five main advantages of the wives of this nationality.

Taiwanese Wives Are Diligent

It is customary for people from Taiwan to be hard-working and conscientious. They are very accountable when it comes to any duties. And as the main responsibilities of a woman, according to local family values, are housekeeping and child-rearing, Taiwanese wives are excellent at these things and do them with great devotion.

Taiwanese Wives Are Caring

These women are affectionate and thoughtful. They treat their beloved ones with great care and love. These ladies do everything possible to keep their husbands happy all the time. They are always ready to cheer them up when they are in low spirits as well as share their joy when they are merry.

Taiwanese Wives Are Loyal

It is not typical for these ladies to change husbands a lot of times. They are monogamous and tend to keep faithful to one life partner throughout their lives. Wives of Taiwanese nationality donโ€™t cheat on their husbands and never betray them in difficult times. Once a man marries a girl from this country, he can be sure that he obtains a reliable ally for his whole life.

Taiwanese Wives Are Conscious

It is not customary in this country to rush to get married. Women from Taiwan donโ€™t marry just anybody โ€œbecause it is time to start a familyโ€. They usually tie the knot at a conscious age when they understand clearly what kind of husband they would like to have and what kind of lifestyle they would like to stick to after getting married. Also, they never start a family before they become ready to take on all responsibilities that wives are expected to do.

Taiwanese Wives Are Loving Mothers

These women dote on their children. They take care of them very thoroughly and try hard to make them grow up into happy and self-sufficient persons.

As traditional gender roles are still relevant in this country, mothers teach different things to their children of different sexes. They cultivate independence, decisiveness, and courage in their sons. As for daughters, they cultivate modesty and femininity in them and teach them to do all household chores.

taiwanese woman

What Do Taiwanese Women Consider While Choosing Their Future Husbands?

Character traits and inner world matter more to Taiwanese ladies than physical features, age, and nationality. They believe that a perfect man for serious relationships is:

  • Family-oriented. Taiwanese women who feel ready to start a family donโ€™t want to waste their time dating men who are not ready to settle down. So, to win the heart of a decent lady from this country, a man must show that he wants serious relationships and is ready to take responsibility for a wife and future children.
  • Caring. This feature is very typical for ladies from Taiwan. They treat their life partners with great love, care, and affection. And they expect their beloved ones to treat them in the same way as well.
  • Responsible. According to traditional values that are customary in this country, a man is expected to be the family head. Therefore, he should be reliable, stable, and responsible.

Where to Meet Taiwanese Women Offline?

The largest number of single Taiwanese ladies can be found in the biggest cities of their hometowns. These are Taipei (the capital of Taiwan) and Kaohsiung (a big city in the South of the country).

The best places to meet Taiwanese women

NightclubsOmni, Wave, G Star Club, 1001 Nights, EpicSense, Muse, J Night Club
ParksDaan Forest Park, Meiti Riverside Park, 2/28 Peace Park, Dajia Riverside Park, Guanshan Riverside ParkCentral Park, Kaohsiung Park, Aozidi Forest Park
MallsTaipei City Mall, Breeze Center, Taipei 101 Dream Mall, E-da Outlet Malls, Hanshin Arena, Joy Plaza

Where to Meet Taiwanese Girls Online?

Finding a Taiwanese girlfriend on the Web is much easier than going to Taiwan hoping to find your destiny there. Especially if you know where exactly to look for foreign women on the Internet. For this, specialized online international marriage agencies exist. They function to unite the hearts of Asian ladies and Western men who are eager to find each other.

The websites of this kind verify all new members to make sure that there are only real people in their database. Also, they provide the full range of features and services that are needed for international dating: convenient search options, stable means of communication, gift delivery, help in organizing real meetings, etc.

5 Tips on Dating Taiwanese Girls

To find a common language with a lady of this nationality and make your relationship lasting, you need to take into account some nuances of her mentality and native culture. Here are some tips on how to get and keep being on good terms with a Taiwanese lady:

  1. Take a sincere interest in her. Taiwanese women like it when men not only admire their physical appearance but also notice their inner beauty. Learn more about her personality: ask her to tell you about her life principles, opinions on different issues, hobbies, lifestyle, and so on. This will help you understand whether you are compatible and whether it will be interesting and comfortable for you to spend time together. 
  2. Give her some time to get used to you. Taiwanese girls are modest and even a bit shy. Donโ€™t get offended if a lady is not quite gregarious in the first days of your acquaintance. This is just because women from this country need some time to understand whether a new person is worth trusting or not.
  3. Ingratiate with her family. This is very important because parentsโ€™ opinion plays a significant role in Taiwanese girlsโ€™ life. So, do your best to make a good impression on the family of your beloved lady.
  4. Pamper and support her. Feminine Taiwanese women dream of finding strong and reliable men who make them happy and are always ready to help. To show that you are just like that, give her presents and help her anytime she asks for this.
  5. Take your time with intimate relations. Premarital intimate relations are frowned upon in Taiwan. Therefore, local women get down to physical expressions of love only at a serious stage of a relationship when they understand that they truly love their life partners. If you rush things, a lady may get offended and stop communicating with you.


How Are Duties Shared in Taiwanese Families?

Traditionally, a woman is responsible for household chores and child-rearing. The main duties of a man are earning money and making repairs if something gets broken at home.

What Are the Signature Dishes of Taiwanese Wives?

Women of this nationality are excellent at cooking the dishes of their native cuisine, for example:

  • Niรบrรฒu miร n (Noodles with beef);
  • Tรกiwฤn lว” rรฒu fร n (Stewed pork with rice);
  • Tiฤ› dร n (Boiled quail eggs with different seasonings);
  • Sฤn bฤ“i jฤซ (Chicken with sesame oil, rice wine, and soy sauce).

What Nuances of Local Body Language to Consider While Communicating with Taiwanese Women?

To be polite, consider some peculiarities of Taiwanese gestures:

  • Avoid winking because it is considered impolite.
  • Do not point at something with one finger, it is more polite to use the whole open hand.
  • Do not open the doors or move some objects like chairs with your feet.
  • Use both hands to give something to another person.
  • Be careful with touches. A woman might take it as a hint of intimacy if you, for example, try to hug her. And she may take it as an insult.
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