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Slovakia is a small country in Central Europe. It is not quite well-known to foreigners from overseas. But it is worth getting to know more about this little picturesque country. It has a unique culture and extraordinarily beautiful local girls.

Slovakian women are very attractive. And their character traits make them perfect for serious relationships. Find out why these ladies are perfect for family life, where to find a girlfriend of this nationality, and how to date her.

slovakian girls

What Makes Slovakian Women Popular with Men?

Slovakian Women Are Physically Attractive

These ladies are very beautiful. They attract men because they:

  • Are tall. There are rather few short ladies in Slovakia. The majority of local girls are tall, which makes them look eye-catching. Also, they have long legs that drive men crazy.
  • Are slender. Many Slovakian girls are thin by nature. Moreover, a lot of them are fond of sports and prefer a healthy diet, which helps them keep slim and fit.
  • Have pretty faces. Their facial features are quite diverse. In Slovakia, there are ladies with different eye colors: blue, green, or brown; pronounced cheekbones and cute cheeks; oval face and round face shapes. But the common thing that is typical of the faces of all Slovakian girls is that they are good-looking and attractive.
  • Have amazing hair. It is fashionable in this country to have long hair. Moreover, ladies take care of its beauty very thoroughly. They use many specialized cosmetics and visit beauty salons regularly. Thanks to this, their hair is thick and glossy.

Slovakian Women Are Well-Groomed And Stylish

Slovakian girls attach great importance to their appearance. They use a lot of care cosmetics and visit beauty salons quite often to keep their skin and hair beautiful. Also, many ladies of this nationality enjoy going to the gym to keep fit.

Moreover, Slovakian girls are keen on beautiful clothes. They wear fashionable attires to stand out from the crowd. Dresses and skirts are quite popular in this country. Also, many girls are fond of stylish fine jeans and shorts. Many of them wear high heels to make their long slim legs even more attractive.

Slovakian Women Are Modest

Despite looking quite eye-catching, these girls are not arrogant. Overconfidence is frowned upon by local culture. Therefore, the women of Slovakia never treat others contemptuously.

Slovakian Women Are Well-Educated

Good education is highly valued in Slovakia. And it is quite affordable in this country. Thus, many women have post-secondary degrees. Thanks to this, they have a broad outlook and know how to keep a conversation going. Also, this lets them find good jobs and pursue successful careers.

Slovakian Women Are Active And Cheerful

There are few homebodies in this country. The majority of local ladies like going out with friends, visiting parties, going to the cinema, attending the gym, organizing picnics, and doing other interesting activities.

slovakian woman

What Kind of Spouses Do Slovakian Women Make?

For men who feel ready for family, it is important to understand whether a lady can make a good spouse in the future before he makes up his mind whether to start a long-term relationship with her or not. So, learn the three most typical features of Slovakian wives before you decide whether to start dating a Slovakian girl seriously or not.

Slovakian Wives Are Faithful Life Partners

These women are decent and loyal. Most of them are aimed at serious relationships built out of mutual trust and respect. These girls are not inclined to sleep around. They look for reliable life partners and keep being loyal to them for ages. So, they are perfect for men who are looking for faithful and devoted women for marriage.

Slovakian Wives Value Family Ties And Social Connections

Women from this country donโ€™t limit their social circle only to their husbands and children after getting married. They keep in touch with all, even very distant relatives because they believe that family ties are significant. Moreover, they tend to have a lot of friends.

They often organize family dinners with a lot of guests and like to gather with friends on the weekend. This helps to make family life more varied and not boring.

Slovakian Women Are Very Loving Mothers

These women are very devoted and responsible when it comes to child-rearing. They adore their kids and do whatever it takes to ensure their well-being.

But they donโ€™t tend to overprotect their children. They cultivate independence in them by involving them in household chores and encouraging them to have part-time jobs as soon as they reach the age they can do this legally.

What Qualities Do Slovakian Women Appreciate in Men

Women in Slovakia pay more attention to the inner world and character traits than to physical features, age, or nationality. They appreciate the following characteristics:

  • Good education. It is very highly valued in Slovakia. It is considered to be a sign of high intelligence and purposefulness. Also, it is the key to a successful career. So, Slovakian women prefer clever, broad-minded, and successful men with a good education. It is interesting for them to communicate with such men. Also, they believe that well-educated men are good at providing for their families thanks to more prestigious jobs.
  • Responsibility. A man should be ready to take responsibility for his wife and future children. Therefore, this feature is a must to attract a Slovakian lady.
  • Love and understanding. It is essential for Slovakian women to feel beloved. They dream of having relationships with mutual love, trust, understanding, and respect.

Where to Meet Slovakian Women Offline?

Here are the top three biggest cities in this country where you can meet a lot of pretty girls:

  • Bratislava โ€” the capital of Slovakia.
  • Koลกice โ€” the second most populated city and the most important cultural and educational center of the country.
  • Preลกov โ€” a picturesque city at the foot of the mountains.

The best places to meet Slovakian girls in the biggest cities of their native country

DiscosChannels Club, The Club Bratislava, High Street Club, Trafo, Luna BarRetro Cult Club, Karaoke Club Guinness, Boba BarSubmarine Music Pub, R2 Music Club, Aquabelly Club
ParksSad Janka Krรกฤพa, Medickรก zรกhrada, Rusovskรฝ parkPark Barca, Park Na Hlavnom Nรกmestรญ, Park KomenskรฉhoStarรฝ Mestskรฝ park, Juลพnรฝ park, Park Angelinum
MallsAupark Bratislava, Eurovea, VivoAupark, Central Shopping, Gallery Shopping CenterEperia, Solivaria
slovakian girl

Where to Meet Slovakian Girls Online?

For men who are not risky enough to go abroad to look for their future wives there, there is another solution. They can use online marriage agencies to find reliable Slovakian women for serious relationships. The sites of this kind provide the following things to their members:

  • Safety. No personal data is transferred to third parties and all users are verified.
  • Convenience. There are all the needed features for a quick search for a match and keeping in touch with her constantly.
  • Professional help. International dating may be intricate, but professional help can make it easier. For example, you can order gift delivery to make your beloved lady happy or real meeting organizing if you donโ€™t want to think everything out by yourself.

5 Tips on Dating Slovakian Girls

Here are some recommendations that will help you not to fail in developing a relationship with a lady from this country:

  1. Be proactive. Slovakian women expect men to take the first step. They are too modest and conservative to be the first to contact men. So, donโ€™t be shy to be the first to reach out to the girls you like.
  2. Take interest in Slovakian culture. Slovakians get offended when foreigners mix them up with Slovenians, Czechs, or Serbians. And it flatters them when people from abroad take interest exactly in their native culture. Therefore, sharing cultural experiences is a great topic for first conversations.
  3. Learn more about each other. Slovakian women are interested in the inner world of their suitors. They dream of life partners with common interests for it to be interesting and pleasant to spend time together. So, learn each otherโ€™s hobbies and preferences and find common ones.
  4. Discuss your future family life. It is better to discuss all the important issues in advance to avoid disappointments in the future. Talk about how you both imagine a perfect family life: how you are going to manage the budget and share duties, how many children you would like to have, where you are going to live, and so on.
  5. Take your time with intimacy. Slovakian girls are modest and decent. They need some time to get to know a man and get used to him before going down to intimacy. If you insist on intimate relations too soon, a girl may get offended and grow distant.


Is It Appropriate to Split the Bill on the Date with a Slovakian Lady?

No, it is not. According to local culture, a man should be responsible for all expenditures while dating a Slovakian woman.

How Are Duties Shared in Slovakian Families?

There are two types of women in this country:

  • Housewives. These women are aimed at starting a family and donโ€™t work after marriage. So, they are fully responsible for household chores and child-rearing while their husbands are in charge of making money.
  • Career climbers. These ladies strive for career success, work a lot, and share duties equally with their husbands.

How Many Children Does a Typical Slovakian Woman Plan to Have?

In Slovakian families, there are usually 1-2 kids.

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