Bosnia and Herzegovina is located on the Balkan Peninsula. This is a pretty country with a rich history and unique culture. Furthermore, it is famous in the whole world for its fabulous local ladies.

Bosnian women enchant men from overseas with their charming appearance and numerous virtues. If you would like to find a girlfriend who combines irresistible beauty with good nature, learn more about Bosnian girls. Here is a definite guide to dating them as a foreigner.

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What Are Bosnian Women Like?

Why do numerous US and Western European men dream of dating Bosnian girls? Here are the main four advantages that make Bosnian women so sought after.

They Are Good-looking

Bosnian women are wonderfully beautiful. An average lady from this country looks like this:

  • She has light skin. It makes her look rather delicate and attractive.
  • Her eyes are blue, green, or gray. The splendid light eyes of Bosnian ladies enchant men and make them fall for these incredible girls.
  • Her hair is fair and long. The majority of girls of this nationality are blondes. Some of them have light brown or ginger hair. But the main thing that is common for all Bosnian women is that they are not big fans of short haircuts. Most of them prefer long hair, and they usually wear it loose. It is very well-groomed, so it looks resplendent and helps Bosnian women catch admiring menโ€™s glances.
  • She is tall and slim. The body type of Bosnian girls drives men crazy. The majority of these ladies have long legs and thin waists. They are fragile and graceful. And this makes them extremely attractive.
  • She is bright and likes to experiment with her style. Bosnian women are fond of looking in an eye-catching way. They like fancy clothes and frequently dress up without any special occasion. Also, they often experiment with makeup and hairdo.

They Are Friendly

It is typical for Bosnian people to have a wide circle of acquaintances. They are keen on socializing and never miss a chance to meet new people.

Bosnian women behave naturally and donโ€™t like to show off. They are also not arrogant. So, it is rather easy to make friends with them. These girls never mind this.

They Are Active

Bosnian girls donโ€™t like to stay at home. Once they have some free time, they go out with friends, attend parties, or organize picnics. Also, they are quite inquisitive and like to explore new places and get to know new things. So, they never mind communicating with people from other companies to learn more about foreign cultures. It is always interesting to spend time together with such energetic and open-minded ladies.

They Are Cheerful

Women of Bosnia donโ€™t tend to be pessimistic. They enjoy every second of their lives and charge others with their positive energy. Additionally, Bosnian women have a great sense of humor, which makes it fun to communicate with them. Moreover, girls from this country know how to have a good time and always find fascinating activities to do when they are not busy.

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Do Bosnian Women Make Good Wives?

Before you make your first step towards the dream of dating a Bosnian girl, learn more about what kind of spouse she can make in the future. Here are the four most typical characteristics of the wives of Bosnian nationality.

Bosnian Wives Are Perfect at Finding the Middle Ground

These women donโ€™t like excessiveness in anything. They always strive for a happy medium in everything. For example, they ideally find a middle ground between relaxation and hard work. They are responsible and diligent when it comes to their duties. But they always find time for rest and donโ€™t overload themselves with duties until they are completely exhausted.

Bosnian Wives Are Sociable and Hospitable

Women of this nationality do their best to always keep being on good terms with all their relatives and neighbors. They value family ties and social connections very much and believe them to be the key to happiness and success.

To maintain good relationships with their relatives and friends, Bosnian wives often organize family celebrations, parties, or picnics, and invite a lot of guests to these events. This helps not only to save friends and strengthen family ties but also to prevent family life from turning into a dull routine.

Bosnian Wives Are Loyal and Caring

The love of ladies from Bosnia doesnโ€™t have limits. If a girl from this country falls in love, she is ready to do anything for her life partner to be happy. Moreover, she will never betray her beloved one. A Bosnian wife is reliable and devoted.

What Kind of Men Do Bosnian Women Like?

The first things Bosnian ladies usually consider while choosing their boyfriends are character and inner world. The majority of girls from this country want their life partners to:

  • Share their interests. It is essential because it guarantees that it will be interesting to spend time together.
  • Have a good sense of humor. Bosnian women are quite cheerful, and they want their boyfriends to like to have fun and be able to share their joy as well.
  • Get along with their family and circle. This is crucial because family ties and social connections mean a lot to Bosnian girls.

Other parameters mean much less to Bosnian singles who are looking for boyfriends. They donโ€™t attach great importance to age, nationality, or income level. They believe that these things are not quite important for true love.

Where to Meet Bosnian Women Offline?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a picturesque and hospitable country with original culture and amiable girls. So, it is a great idea to go there to meet beautiful ladies.

But there are not quite many large cities in this country. Even in its capital, Sarajevo, only a bit less than 300 thousand people live. And this is the best place to go to meet Bosnian girls in their native country.

Other towns typically have less than 100 thousand inhabitants, so they are not worth visiting if you want to have a large choice of charming local ladies.

The best places to meet Bosnian women in Sarajevo are:

  • Nightclubs where you can find the most cheerful and sociable Bosnian singles: Silver & Smoke, Crystal, Das ist Walter, Trezor, Tropics.
  • Parks where you can meet beautiful girls who like an active and healthy lifestyle: Safet Zajko, Betanija, Forest Park Mojmilo, Grbavica, Mejdan.
  • Malls where stylish ladies who are fond of shopping can be found: Sarajevo City Center, Alta, Otoka, Importanne.
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Where to Meet Bosnian Girls Online?

Online dating is convenient, safe, and time-saving, especially if you know good and trustworthy places to look for foreign girls on the Web. The most credible and efficient websites for this purpose are international marriage agencies. They aim to bring Western men and foreign girls together and do whatever it takes to make long-distance relationships safe, easy, and pleasant. They:

  • Verify all new users to avoid fakes.
  • Provide diverse search filters for an effective search of a match.
  • Have stable and convenient means of communication for men and women to always keep in touch.
  • Offer gift delivery to make long-distance relationships more emotional.
  • Can help in organizing a real meeting to put men out of the difficulties related to this issue.
  • Verify all new users to avoid fakes.
  • Provide diverse search filters for an effective search of a match.
  • Have stable and convenient means of communication for men and women to always keep in touch.
  • Offer gift delivery to make long-distance relationships more emotional.
  • Can help in organizing a real meeting to put men out of the difficulties related to this issue.

5 Tips on Dating Bosnian Girls

Here are some recommendations on how to win the heart of a Bosnian lady and keep her interested:

  1. Admire her beauty. Bosnian women know that they are naturally beautiful and also do their best to look even more attractive and eye-catching. And they like it very much when men notice and appreciate this.
  2. Take a sincere interest in her personality. Ladies from Bosnia want not only their appearance but also their inner world to be appreciated. So, learn more about the lady you like: her life principles and attitudes to different issues, hobbies, interests, and preferences.
  3. Find common interests and hobbies. Discuss the things you both like and enjoy. This will make you emotionally closer to each other.
  4. Keep your communication lively and positive. Bosnian girls appreciate a good sense of humor and optimism.
  5. Get and keep on good terms with her family and circle. Having her relatives and friends on your side will help you save a relationship with a girlfriend of this nationality for a long time. And, on the contrary, if her family and circle donโ€™t like you, it can spoil a relationship and even lead to a breakup.


Why Do Bosnian Women Like Foreigners?

Girls from this country are fond of US and Western European men because they are interesting to communicate with. They are many-sided, broad-minded, and can share their cultural experience.

How Do Bosnian Wives Share Duties with their Husbands?

It depends on whether a wife works or not. If a lady pursues her career after trying the knot, she shares duties with her husband equally. And if she doesnโ€™t work after getting married, she assumes all household chores on her own, while a husband is responsible for making money.

How Many Children Does an Average Bosnian Lady Plan to Have?

The fertility rate in this country is 1.2. This means that the majority of women have only 1 child. Families with 2 kids can also be found in Bosnia, but they are much less typical.