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Albania is becoming more and more popular with tourists thanks to being washed by the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. And every foreign man who visits this pretty country notices the exotic beauty and good nature of local girls. Albanian women attract men from overseas so much that some of them even marry them.

What makes these ladies so desirable? Where exactly to meet them? How to date them as a foreigner, overcoming the cultural barrier? The answers to all these questions can be found in this guide!

albanian girls

The Main Characteristics of Albanian Women

What makes these girls so sought-after? Here are the five features foreign men appreciate about them the most.

They Are Attractive

Albanian women charm US and Western-European men with their exotic beauty. Their long dark hair and expressive dark eyes are irresistible. And their graceful and good-looking bodies drive men crazy.

They Are Feminine

Girls of this nationality are nothing like Western ladies. They are feminine and adhere to traditional gender roles and family values. These ladies are not arrogant or bossy. On the contrary, Albanian women are soft-spoken and compliant, which attracts men who look for diligent and obedient wives.

They Are Polite

Parents have been cultivating good manners in their daughters since their childhood. Being courteous is considered to be a very highly appreciated feature for women in Albania. Thus, Albanian women always stick to the rules of etiquette and never do the things that may irritate or offend others. It is a pleasure to go out with such a polite girl who always shows good manners and will never make her man ashamed of her.

They Are Modest

This is not quite a common feature for modern women, especially Western ones. But a lot of Albanian girls still have it. They are reserved, decent, and not easy to get. And this attracts men who are interested in serious relationships.

They Are Family-Oriented

Romantic relationships that donโ€™t lead to marriage are severely frowned upon by local culture. Therefore, Albanian ladies are aimed at dating seriously. They never lead on men with serious intentions. That is why they are very sought-after by those who feel ready to start a family.

albanian woman

What Kind of Spouses Do Albanian Women Make?

Ladies from this country are rather popular with foreign suitors. But are they really worth marrying? Here are the four features that make Albanian women ideal spouses.

Albanian Wives Are Loving

Albanian women get extremely attached to their life partners. And they take care of them to feel comfortable and happy all the time. They are very affectionate, thoughtful, and tender.

Albanian Wives Are Respectful

Traditional family values are customary in Albania. Therefore, women from this country never strive to take a leading position in their families. They consider their husbands as family heads and adhere to their opinions.

Moreover, wives from Albania always treat their in-laws with great respect. This is because worshiping parents is an integral part of Albanian culture. So, local women respect their own and their husbandsโ€™ parents very much.

Albanian Wives Are Conscientious

Women from this country are responsible and hardworking. They do all their duties with great devotion and diligence. And as according to traditional family values a woman is in charge of household chores and child-rearing, every Albanian lady is perfect in housekeeping and taking care of her kids.

Albanian Wives Are Monogamous

According to the Albanian mentality, adultery is a great sin. If it is revealed, it is very shameful for a woman. Very few Albanian girls dare to put their reputation at risk. So, they never cheat on their husbands.

Also, it is disapproved by local culture to divorce. Therefore, Albanian women do everything possible to save their marriage and maintain good relations with their husbands.

What Do Albanian Women Consider While Choosing Husbands?

Albanian girls donโ€™t tend to judge people by their appearance or age. They consider some other parameters while choosing their future husbands. It is important for them that their life partners are:

  • Family-oriented. Pointless dating is not appropriate for Albanian girls. They are looking for men only with one intention: to start a family. So, they donโ€™t want to waste their time on men who are not ready for serious relationships. Albanian women date only family-oriented men who feel that it is time for them to settle down.
  • Responsible. This feature is considered to be crucial for a man. According to local culture, he is expected to become a family head after getting married. So, he should be able and be ready to take responsibility for his wife and future children. 
  • Thoughtful. Feminine Albanian girls like thoughtful men who want and can take care of them. Making an Albanian lady happier is the key to winning her heart.
  • Financially stable. This is essential because it is not customary for Albanian women to work after getting married. These women become housewives who are focused only on their households and children. So, a man should be able to earn enough money to provide for his wife and kids.

Where to Meet Albanian Women Offline?

Albania is quite a popular tourist destination. So, you can combine having a good vacation with looking for a future wife. The best idea is to meet Albanian girls in one of the biggest cities in this country, such as:

  • Tirana โ€” the capital of Albania. It is famous for its beautiful architecture and the largest number of friendly local girls.
  • Durrรซs โ€” the most popular resort city and the second most populated locality in Albania. It is placed on the Adriatic Sea coast and is famous for its scenic beaches.
  • Vlorรซ โ€” one more popular resort located on the Adriatic Sea coast. It is well-known for its picturesque beaches and rich historical and cultural heritage.

As for the certain places where to meet Albanian women in one of these cities, they are beaches, parks, and malls. Nightclubs are not quite popular with local ladies because visiting them is considered to be not for decent girls. Therefore, it is not likely to find the future wife at a disco in Albania.

The best beaches in different resorts are:

  • In Dรผrres: Beach of Durrรซs, Plazhi i Currilave, West End Beach, Plazhi Kallmit e Curilla.
  • In Vlorรซ: Plazhi i Ri, Plazhi i Vjeter, Vega Beach.

The most picturesque parks in the biggest cities in Albania are:

  • In Tirana: Park of Farka Artificial Lake, The Botanical Park of Tirana.
  • In Dรผrres: Eco Park Durrรซs, Park Horizonti, Ushtari i Panjohur.
  • In Vlorรซ: Aulona Luna Park, Lulishte Marigo Posio, Lulishte Marina.

The biggest malls in these three cities are:

  • In Tirana: Toptani, Arena Center, Albania Shopping.
  • In Dรผrres: Galaktik, Qendra Tregtare Blue Star.
  • In Vlorรซ: QTU Riviera.
albanian girl

Where to Meet Albanian Girls Online?

For Western men who would like to find foreign women for marriage, specialized online international marriage agencies exist. They do everything possible to make dating an Albanian woman online a pleasant experience.

Websites of this kind provide everything that is needed to find a life partner from abroad:

  • Large databases of verified women who are looking for serious relationships with foreigners.
  • Convenient search tools and an abundance of filters for it to be easy and fast to find a match.
  • Text and video chats for uninterrupted communication of men and women with each other.
  • Virtual gifts and real gifts delivery to make a long-distance relationship more emotional.
  • Professional translations to overcome a language barrier.
  • Help in organizing personal meetings to allow men to focus on their love, without getting distracted by planning the first offline date.

5 Tips on Dating Albanian Girls

Here are some useful recommendations for foreigners:

  1. Specify whom you are looking for. Every Albanian lady needs to know that a man she likes is looking for a future wife, not just a girlfriend. Otherwise, she will not be able to date him.
  2. Talk about the future family. Discuss how you both imagine a perfect family to understand whether you match each other and whether you can make each other happy.
  3. Be proactive. Albanian women are for traditional gender roles. So, they never take initiative in relationships. They expect men to take the first step.
  4. Make your beloved lady happier. To show your love, do your best to make sure that a woman is always in a good mood.
  5. Show that you are ready to become the family head. Tell a lady what kind of accommodation you have for her to be sure that you have where to bring your future wife. Also, give presents to her and support her financially if she needs to show that you are ready to provide for a wife and future kids.


Is It Important to Meet an Albanian Womanโ€™s Parents?

Yes, it is crucial. To marry an Albanian woman, you need to get her parentsโ€™ blessing. For this, ingratiate with them and show them that you are a good match for their daughter.

Are Conversations about Intimacy or Touches Appropriate for Albanian Girls?

Premarital intimate relations are frowned upon by the local culture. So, a decent girl may take the hints at sex as an insult.

How Many Children Do Albanian Women Plan to Have?

Girls who come from big rural families dream of having 3-4 children. And those who were brought up in urban families that typically have 1-2 kids donโ€™t plan to have more than 2 children.

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